New projects for a new year

When I left high school teaching in 2009 and wanted to create – rather than get – the job I really wanted, it was nigh-impossible to find information about how to go about it. Even if I’d wanted to spend hundreds of US dollars on business consultancy advice, guidance and motivation over the internet, I … Continue reading

Women’s Work

I know we are all sick of Josephine Asher (don’t read the article, you will just want to fry your own eyeballs). Besides a whole heap of other points made by other people, there is still one thing she says that everyone seems to be taking as read. Well into the last century the husband … Continue reading

The Missing Reverend

While trawling through a rather long Trove search result list for things to do with the Wesley Church in Albany (for work), I kept seeing references to The Rev. T. A. James. There were some odd headlines: ‘Supposed Drowning Case’, ‘Mysterious Disappearance’, ‘Sydney Detectives Make Discoveries’, ‘James Masquerading as ‘Mr. Lee”, ‘Church Funds Intact’, ‘James … Continue reading

Film review: Made in Dagenham

Last night my best friend and I trekked all the way to Fremantle to see a film I’d scored tickets from from See Films First (if you aren’t on the mailing list, why not?). It was Made in Dagenham. The story of the women machinists of the Ford factory in Dagenham in the UK who … Continue reading

A conference, a paradigm shift, a whole lot of new ideas

I know paradigm shifts are the ‘in thing’ at the moment, if one takes their cues from parliament, that is. I didn’t really have a moment at the Museums Australia 2010 Conference that physically moved me into a new paradigm so much as I found that I was in the right space to receive the … Continue reading

To Melbourne

This building is in Melbourne. It is one of my favourites because it is not one of the flashy Art Deco buildings. It is so unassuming that I always forget what its called and where it is, then I’ll just come across it and it makes me smile. It took this photo of it a … Continue reading

New Digital Histories?

Last Sunday I took my newly minted membership to the Professional Historians Association (WA) along to the professional development afternoon held at the State Library (my second home, these days). There were a number of speakers discussing community histories, editing, interpretation and more. What I found most interesting, however, was that as soon as questions … Continue reading

Weekend is for….

Well, this weekend it is for marking. I’ve been given a stack of uni assignments to mark so, as I do my best marking in bed, that’s were I’m headed after I’ve finished this. I thought it was typical that in my last post I point out that I post on Fridays and then I … Continue reading

History of Reading Online Exhibition

Just another quick post to send you to this fabulous online exhibition – A Place of Reading – using some wonderful images of people reading. It comes out of the American Antiquarian Society, whose goal is to “engage scholars in the study of the history of the book”. A very pleasant way to spend some … Continue reading

Historian…a day in the life

Yesterday was one of the best kind of ‘Historian at work’ days. I thought I’d tell it in pictures, rather than words… I caught the train (at a just-after-peak-hour-time) and read my book while waiting (I said I was thinking about backyards a lot) Arrived in Perth Headed for the State Library building and veered … Continue reading