On discovering my family’s papers

Researching my family history might be something I’m not supposed to admit as a professional historian, but it was the thing that reminded me how much I wanted to return to work in history when I felt I would not be able to get out of teaching in schools. And I’m discovering, as I meander … Continue reading

Stick Shed

This is the last remaining stick shed in Murtoa, Victoria (actually exactly in between Melbourne and Adelaide on the train line that runs between them). It was built after World War Two to store the wheat that was in oversupply at the time. This shed is HUGE. It is 900ft long and 200ft high and … Continue reading

The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley

The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley, ABC TV documentary. This program follows the incredible story of William Buckley, a convict who escaped the first white encampment at Port Phillip in 1803 and was eventually rescued by the local Wathaurong tribe who believed him to be a spirit of a dead relative. He lived with them … Continue reading