WA’s State Cultural Heritage Policy

Wow. I’ve been away from this blog for a month. I’m teaching at UWA this semester and it seems to have taken over my life. Normal programming should resume shortly. In the meantime, I’ve just become aware that the WA State Government has released its first ever State Cultural Heritage Policy. NSW has had one since … Continue reading

57 Murray Street

I finished off this project late last year and really had to take a break from it before I could think about writing a post about it. I have talked about this work here so I won’t rehash. The National Trust now have the final report in their hands and I’m told it will be … Continue reading

Wetlands: From Bunyip to Beautiful

Last Sunday was the official opening/launch of the Museums Australia WA’s new travelling exhibition – Wetlands: From Bunyip to Beautiful. It was the culmination of more than a year’s organisation and work by Jane King and Rosemary Fitzgerald originally coming out of discussions about how MA(WA) can support small museums’ development of professional exhibitions (the … Continue reading

End of an era…

The other day I found out that the old gaol at the WA Museum is now closed and the exhibition within it being carefully dismantled. While this might seem like a fairly regular occurance for a state museum, it is special because that exhibition has sat there since 1976. This has been enternally embarrassing for … Continue reading

5th Annual Limina Conference – UWA

Yesterday I woke especially early to make it to the University of Western Australia and attend the 5th Annual Limina Conference (it started at 8.30!). Limina is a refereed academic online journal published through the Discipline of History at UWA. It focuses on cultural and historical research work and aims to publish post-graduate students and Early Career … Continue reading