Outside Trumps Inside

Last night I watched Museums of Life, the first episode of a series about the Museum of Natural History in London. Over the last month or so I also vaguely followed the Month in a Museum and yesterday read some insightful commentary here and here (I’m sure there’s more too). Like most when I first … Continue reading

National Family History Week

Next week is National Family History Week – if you didn’t know already, family history is H-U-G-E in Australia. The success of Who Do You Think You Are? has popularised it, but it has always been a big deal. I tend to think that, although genealogists are ridiculed by “serious historians”, the discipline has some spectacular skills (which … Continue reading

The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley

The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley, ABC TV documentary. This program follows the incredible story of William Buckley, a convict who escaped the first white encampment at Port Phillip in 1803 and was eventually rescued by the local Wathaurong tribe who believed him to be a spirit of a dead relative. He lived with them … Continue reading