Smirk’s Heritage Site

Amongst all the excitement about going to Melbourne I was also working on the project at Smirk’s Heritage Site for their Live! Heritage event, which happened on Sunday 3rd (yes, it has taken me a week to post about this!). The event was designed to introduce people to the site (many who live just streets away … Continue reading

Found Photos: young criminal

I’d like to start a few regular posts here at Historian@work – themes I can come back to regularly or semi-regularly. This one is called Found Photos because every now and again I come across a photo, an image or diagram that means a lot in the context of what I’m researching and it is … Continue reading

The Next Chapter

I’m suspicious that some scandal happened and she changed her name when she married. I can’t find any evidence of this, but I haven’t finished searching yet. Nothing ever works out the way you think it will (or at least that’s my perception). The above quote is where I left off talking about Johanna (Mary … Continue reading

Volunteer Project

Smirk’s Cottage For the last month or so I’ve been working with the Kwinana Heritage Group at a site called Smirk’s Cottage, which is actually a collection of buildings; a 1902 stone cottage, a 1920 soldier settler cottage and a 1980s demountable building along with a few sheds. The site is a volunteer run museum, … Continue reading