Femme Fatale and The Female Criminal

When I worked on the Bunyip to Beautiful exhibition for Museums Australia (WA) last year at uni, we spent a lot of time discussing, revising, deliberating, even arguing about how to write the text for the panels. We were concerned with the tension between fact and opinion, being objective but creating atmosphere, being educational but … Continue reading

57 Murray Street

I finished off this project late last year and really had to take a break from it before I could think about writing a post about it. I have talked about this work here so I won’t rehash. The National Trust now have the final report in their hands and I’m told it will be … Continue reading

Library of Nearly Lost Moments

There is something really cool happening at the State Library of Western Australia. The Library of Nearly Lost Moments is a bit of an experiment but just the kind of thing I love, plus, it has been extremely popular! The library is really collecting for its ephemera collection – all those transitory bits of paper … Continue reading

Wetlands: From Bunyip to Beautiful

Last Sunday was the official opening/launch of the Museums Australia WA’s new travelling exhibition – Wetlands: From Bunyip to Beautiful. It was the culmination of more than a year’s organisation and work by Jane King and Rosemary Fitzgerald originally coming out of discussions about how MA(WA) can support small museums’ development of professional exhibitions (the … Continue reading

Absence of Occupation is not Rest

On Friday night I went along to the Heathcote Museum and Gallery – the old Heathcote Reception Home overlooking the Swan River in Applecross – for the opening of an exhibition by Paul Caporn and Kate Gregory. This was especially exciting because it was an art exhibition (Paul is the artist) using as inspiration and responding to the … Continue reading

Honouring Women’s History

I was in Fremantle the other day and came across a … well, I’m not sure if it was a memorial, public art or historical interpretation. Maybe it was all three. You can see it in the photo above. Entitled ‘To the Fishermen’ it provides a brief history of fishing in Fremantle and Rockingham, the … Continue reading

The Missing Reverend

While trawling through a rather long Trove search result list for things to do with the Wesley Church in Albany (for work), I kept seeing references to The Rev. T. A. James. There were some odd headlines: ‘Supposed Drowning Case’, ‘Mysterious Disappearance’, ‘Sydney Detectives Make Discoveries’, ‘James Masquerading as ‘Mr. Lee”, ‘Church Funds Intact’, ‘James … Continue reading

57 Murray Street – work in progress

I’m currently working hard on the history of the departments that governed Aboriginal people in WA from 57 Murray Street. This, you probably don’t remember, is my placement project for a uni subject. I’m finding this research really fascinating and horrific. I thought I might share a little bit of what I’ve found. It isn’t finished … Continue reading

New page added!

I skipped my scheduled post yesterday (did you know I aim to post on Tuesdays and Fridays?) because I was working on a new page for this blog. It is titled ‘For museums and libraries’ and is all about how digital stories can be used in those kinds of local institutions. Check it out if … Continue reading