The beginning

I suppose, like all things, it has to start somewhere. When I was doing some research for various buildings in Kalgoorlie-Boulder recently I came across this little article. It is clear that while this first sighted (and killed) rabbit was not a welcome moment, I detect a hint of amusement by the paper of the events. Perhaps … Continue reading

Adjudged Bankrupt

This is part of John Buckingham’s application for bankruptcy to the courts in 1898. He had run himself, his wife and young child into more than £1000 in debt – that is so massive that it is really crazy that he didn’t end up bankrupt way before he did. The reason I’m posting about this, … Continue reading

Where was I??

Going away for five days, that felt like at least as many weeks, has thrown me a bit. I seem to remember utter focus on what I was doing, what needed to be done and how it was all going to happen before I left. Now? I’m just mooching about on the Internet wondering what … Continue reading