WA’s State Cultural Heritage Policy

Wow. I’ve been away from this blog for a month. I’m teaching at UWA this semester and it seems to have taken over my life. Normal programming should resume shortly. In the meantime, I’ve just become aware that the WA State Government has released its first ever State Cultural Heritage Policy. NSW has had one since … Continue reading

Museum as experience

The Geffrye Museum, just down the road from where I was staying in London, is by far the best small museum I’ve seen for a long time. Housed in the Geffrye Ironmongers’ Almshouses, it traces the history of ‘the home’ from the 1990s back 400-odd years. Through a series of Period Rooms, the ways the … Continue reading

House Museums French Style

Today I visited two small ‘house’ museums: La Maison de Balzac and Musée de la Vie romantique. The first is the house Balzac retreated to in 1840 and lived for seven years. The second was a centre of intellectual, artistic and literary group that included most interestingly for me, George Sand (Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin). … Continue reading

Bones and Liberty

Although I’ve been in Paris a week now, I’ve only managed to get to a few museums. Yesterday was by far the best I’ve seen. My brother and I headed off to the Catacomb, knowing it would be spooky, but not really what to expect. I was impressed by the interpretation in the tunnels about … Continue reading

Paris: a change of pace

This week I’m off to Paris and London for a long-overdue work/pleasure trip. (can one seriously go to Paris and say it is pure work?!). The pleasure part is travelling with family (my mum and youngest brother, who lives in London) and the work part is where I get to go to museums! As @wraggle … Continue reading

Random History: Atlantic Hotel

I’m finding more and more that the study of history is really just a study of coincidences, serendipity, chance encounters and the thrill of the chase. Often little snippets of history land in my lap, quite unheeded, take hold and open out into a lovely little slice of the past. It is this sort of history … Continue reading

57 Murray Street

I finished off this project late last year and really had to take a break from it before I could think about writing a post about it. I have talked about this work here so I won’t rehash. The National Trust now have the final report in their hands and I’m told it will be … Continue reading

Detroit’s Destruction

These images defy understanding. I can’t quite wrap my head around the way these buildings have been left just as they were used, not packed up or dismantled or torn down. Do they have so little value for the community? Or is the community so beyond the niceties of popular, contemporary, Western understandings of what is important … Continue reading

Slow Explore of a Country Town

Wagin, 3 or so hours south-east of Perth, may seem an unlikely spot to choose for a camping trip. It is, I can confirm, a sleepy country town with just enough business in and around it to keep it going. I spent two nights there last week and took time to explore it slowly and, … Continue reading

“from memory to history”

Just read a fascinating article from the Dallas News about the The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. This is the place that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK in 1963. The website explains how it became a museum: After the Texas School Book Depository Company moved out in 1970, some hoped the building would be … Continue reading