Femme Fatale and The Female Criminal

When I worked on the Bunyip to Beautiful exhibition for Museums Australia (WA) last year at uni, we spent a lot of time discussing, revising, deliberating, even arguing about how to write the text for the panels. We were concerned with the tension between fact and opinion, being objective but creating atmosphere, being educational but … Continue reading

Museum as experience

The Geffrye Museum, just down the road from where I was staying in London, is by far the best small museum I’ve seen for a long time. Housed in the Geffrye Ironmongers’ Almshouses, it traces the history of ‘the home’ from the 1990s back 400-odd years. Through a series of Period Rooms, the ways the … Continue reading

Please Touch

It is no secret that my favourite museum in London is the V&A. I know it is a biggie and very important and I’m all about the small and good (and I’ve found a best of in that category this trip but that’s the next post!), but the V&A has my heart for its design, … Continue reading

France’s Monuments in Film

When we went to visit the la Conciergerie I came across the best temporary exhibition I’ve seen so far: Monuments, Stars du 7E Art (Monuments, the stars of the 7th art – ie, film). The look and feel of the exhibition, the reach and breadth of the information and the way the space (a huge cavernous ancient … Continue reading

House Museums French Style

Today I visited two small ‘house’ museums: La Maison de Balzac and Musée de la Vie romantique. The first is the house Balzac retreated to in 1840 and lived for seven years. The second was a centre of intellectual, artistic and literary group that included most interestingly for me, George Sand (Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin). … Continue reading

Bones and Liberty

Although I’ve been in Paris a week now, I’ve only managed to get to a few museums. Yesterday was by far the best I’ve seen. My brother and I headed off to the Catacomb, knowing it would be spooky, but not really what to expect. I was impressed by the interpretation in the tunnels about … Continue reading

Slow Explore of a Country Town

Wagin, 3 or so hours south-east of Perth, may seem an unlikely spot to choose for a camping trip. It is, I can confirm, a sleepy country town with just enough business in and around it to keep it going. I spent two nights there last week and took time to explore it slowly and, … Continue reading

Absence of Occupation is not Rest

On Friday night I went along to the Heathcote Museum and Gallery – the old Heathcote Reception Home overlooking the Swan River in Applecross – for the opening of an exhibition by Paul Caporn and Kate Gregory. This was especially exciting because it was an art exhibition (Paul is the artist) using as inspiration and responding to the … Continue reading

Exhibition Review: A Day in Pompeii

A bit wobbly on the blogging schedule this week! I went to see A Day in Pompeii at the WA Museum a few weeks ago now and wanted to write a review but have found it hard to know where to start and what to say. It has wrapped up in Perth now, so there … Continue reading