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  • Popup Museum – Part Two

    Fullscreen capture 21112011 85401 AM.bmp

    If you’ve either been around this parts for awhile (in which case I’m sure you’re shocked *I’m* still around these parts) or have perused the…ahem…back catalogue (as it were), you’ll know that just over a year ago I wrote a post about the idea I came back from the Museums Australia National Conference in Melbourne … Continue reading

    Why I think small museums should have a web presence


    I could have titled this post ‘why I think small museums should be online’ but there is increasingly a big difference between having a web presence and being online. These terms used to be pretty much interchangeable but just being there is not the same as having a presence . I see it in the student-teachers I … Continue reading

    Things you need to see

    So, okay, I haven’t posted. But I’m still working on the tail-end of uni stuff and there just isn’t enough room in my brain for that and writing posts. With that in mind, I give you three videos that you MUST watch:  

    popup museum – warning rambling ahead!


    Here is a video I made: When I attend conferences I try to follow a theme or set of ideas when I choose the sessions I’ll go to. I like to do this because it is often a great way to germinate my own ideas and it works particularly well if the presenters are all … Continue reading

    A conference, a paradigm shift, a whole lot of new ideas


    I know paradigm shifts are the ‘in thing’ at the moment, if one takes their cues from parliament, that is. I didn’t really have a moment at the Museums Australia 2010 Conference that physically moved me into a new paradigm so much as I found that I was in the right space to receive the … Continue reading

    First thoughts on Twitter


    I need to admit up front that I was extremely hesitant about jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. I had an account but didn’t use it at all. I realise now that I was waiting for someone to tell me why I’d want to use it and explain what it was for exactly. Just 140 characters! … Continue reading

    Using video on the history web – part two

    So, yesterday I was discussing the use of videos on the history web. I left you with two examples and asked what you thought. It is okay that no one commented! Just trying to be encouraging. Moving on! Here’s what I think. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, if you are an organisation – a recognised entity … Continue reading

    Using videos on the history web

    I’ve noticed, on the history web*, that video is being used more and more. This isn’t just on history related sites, I know. Obviously people are listening to all those internet marketers and finding that video works (or at least I hope they are testing to see that it does). I love watching videos on … Continue reading

    Ask a Curator Day!

    Fullscreen capture 30082010 92544 AM.bmp

    Tomorrow is the day to Ask a Curator! Ask who? Curators of museums and art galleries around the world – 21 different countries to be exact with a number of museums from each. Ask them what? Well, anything it seems, but there are suggestions on the website organised into themes with museum linked to each. … Continue reading

    New Digital Histories?


    Last Sunday I took my newly minted membership to the Professional Historians Association (WA) along to the professional development afternoon held at the State Library (my second home, these days). There were a number of speakers discussing community histories, editing, interpretation and more. What I found most interesting, however, was that as soon as questions … Continue reading


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