Interview: Amanda Kendle, blogger and writer

A funny thing happened a few months ago. I sent a proposal to UWA Extension to present the digital storytelling workshop and in discussions discovered that someone was doing a blogging course. Then I sent out an email to everyone I knew asking who wanted to do a dry run of my workshop and Amanda … Continue reading

Digital Story: Mollie Coates Mapleson

This is Mollie Coates Mapleson when she was 16. She is my great grandmother and the subject of my latest digital story. I wanted to see if family history could translate into the digital story format. I was concerned that it can be so intricate and heavy on detail and names and who did this … Continue reading

Where was I??

Going away for five days, that felt like at least as many weeks, has thrown me a bit. I seem to remember utter focus on what I was doing, what needed to be done and how it was all going to happen before I left. Now? I’m just mooching about on the Internet wondering what … Continue reading

Weekend is for….

Well, this weekend it is for marking. I’ve been given a stack of uni assignments to mark so, as I do my best marking in bed, that’s were I’m headed after I’ve finished this. I thought it was typical that in my last post I point out that I post on Fridays and then I … Continue reading

New page added!

I skipped my scheduled post yesterday (did you know I aim to post on Tuesdays and Fridays?) because I was working on a new page for this blog. It is titled ‘For museums and libraries’ and is all about how digital stories can be used in those kinds of local institutions. Check it out if … Continue reading

Digital Storytelling

A few days ago I mentioned that I’m presenting a workshop for UWA Extension on Digital Storytelling called ‘200 Words, 12 photos and 2 minutes’. Turns out I’m also one of the poster children for the new season of workshops too and will be appearing in print advertising – today in the West Australian and … Continue reading

A little post with BIG NEWS

In October I’ll be running my first digital storytelling workshop for UWA Extension. Not sure what I’m talking about? Go here and see. Then go here and here. Digital storytelling is a passion of mine. I believe in it in a crazy obsessive kind of way. It grows communities, collects stories and histories, is empowering, … Continue reading