Popup Museum – Part Two

If you’ve either been around this parts for awhile (in which case I’m sure you’re shocked *I’m* still around these parts) or have perused the…ahem…back catalogue (as it were), you’ll know that just over a year ago I wrote a post about the idea I came back from the Museums Australia National Conference in Melbourne … Continue reading

Why I think small museums should have a web presence

I could have titled this post ‘why I think small museums should be online’ but there is increasingly a big difference between having a web presence and being online. These terms used to be pretty much interchangeable but just being there is not the same as having a presence . I see it in the student-teachers I … Continue reading

popup museum – warning rambling ahead!

Here is a video I made: When I attend conferences I try to follow a theme or set of ideas when I choose the sessions I’ll go to. I like to do this because it is often a great way to germinate my own ideas and it works particularly well if the presenters are all … Continue reading

A little light relief

When in doubt, do a website round-up is fast becoming my blogging motto. Today it solves two issues, one, getting a blog post done (after wimping out yesterday) and two, dealing with the 40+ tabs open on my browser with things to read. Most have been tweeted by those I follow, so although I may not have … Continue reading

A conference, a paradigm shift, a whole lot of new ideas

I know paradigm shifts are the ‘in thing’ at the moment, if one takes their cues from parliament, that is. I didn’t really have a moment at the Museums Australia 2010 Conference that physically moved me into a new paradigm so much as I found that I was in the right space to receive the … Continue reading

Where was I??

Going away for five days, that felt like at least as many weeks, has thrown me a bit. I seem to remember utter focus on what I was doing, what needed to be done and how it was all going to happen before I left. Now? I’m just mooching about on the Internet wondering what … Continue reading

Weekend is for….

Well, this weekend it is for marking. I’ve been given a stack of uni assignments to mark so, as I do my best marking in bed, that’s were I’m headed after I’ve finished this. I thought it was typical that in my last post I point out that I post on Fridays and then I … Continue reading

National Family History Week

Next week is National Family History Week – if you didn’t know already, family history is H-U-G-E in Australia. The success of Who Do You Think You Are? has popularised it, but it has always been a big deal. I tend to think that, although genealogists are ridiculed by “serious historians”, the discipline has some spectacular skills (which … Continue reading

ReViewing History – Day Four

The final day of the conference dawned cold and rainy – a grateful break of the ‘dry spell’ we’ve been having (in the middle of winter). Just two sessions to go to today, each with three papers. Across the two sessions I heard papers on the town planning, building and archeology of Perth (all fascinating) … Continue reading

ReViewing History – Day Three

I’m late with this post, but will do it anyway! Yesterday we all trooped back to UWA for day three. Boy, was I tired! I skipped the keynote and made it in time for morning tea and the first parallel session, listening to Sue Graham-Taylor from History Council of WA, Zoe Pollock from NSW History Council and … Continue reading