Adjudged Bankrupt

This is part of John Buckingham’s application for bankruptcy to the courts in 1898. He had run himself, his wife and young child into more than £1000 in debt – that is so massive that it is really crazy that he didn’t end up bankrupt way before he did. The reason I’m posting about this, … Continue reading

Heritage GONE: Trans Hotel, Northam

Another semi-regular post which explores the heritage that has disappeared in recent years… In 1894 the following advertisement appeared in the West Australian: The hotel was managed under a few different licencees until 1926 when Fred Wilson, his wife Mollie and their two daughters Freda, 9 and Maple, 8 moved there to take over the lease. Much later … Continue reading

New projects, new ideas

I’m just about to start a few projects and although I thought I’d wait until I had something interesting to say about them, I am also aware that I want to keep updating this blog. The projects I’m working on take up so much of my brain space – mostly because I let them: so … Continue reading

Rare 1802 Map of Sydney

I first learnt I loved history enough to want to be an Historian in Sydney. It is a funny city – when you are in it it *is* Australia – it is big enough and mean enough to completely eclipse the rest of the country. So the history I learnt there was very Sydney-centric, very … Continue reading

The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley

The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley, ABC TV documentary. This program follows the incredible story of William Buckley, a convict who escaped the first white encampment at Port Phillip in 1803 and was eventually rescued by the local Wathaurong tribe who believed him to be a spirit of a dead relative. He lived with them … Continue reading