The beginning

I suppose, like all things, it has to start somewhere. When I was doing some research for various buildings in Kalgoorlie-Boulder recently I came across this little article. It is clear that while this first sighted (and killed) rabbit was not a welcome moment, I detect a hint of amusement by the paper of the events. Perhaps … Continue reading

Book Review: What’s Wrong with Anzac

What’s Wrong with Anzac by Marilyn Lake , Henry Reynolds , Joy Damousi  and Mark Mckenna has been on my to-read list since it came out earlier this year. I watched and read with interest all the debate that surrounded its release. I have had a difficult relationship (academically) with Marilyn Lake. For some reason I don’t even … Continue reading

On discovering my family’s papers

Researching my family history might be something I’m not supposed to admit as a professional historian, but it was the thing that reminded me how much I wanted to return to work in history when I felt I would not be able to get out of teaching in schools. And I’m discovering, as I meander … Continue reading

Found Maps: Tally No. 506238

Found Maps: a semi-regular post about the lovely maps I come across in my research. These past weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at old maps at the SRO. While I was looking for something very specific, I was constantly being distracted by all the lovely detail and general ‘old-ness’ and ‘map-ness’ … Continue reading

End of an era…

The other day I found out that the old gaol at the WA Museum is now closed and the exhibition within it being carefully dismantled. While this might seem like a fairly regular occurance for a state museum, it is special because that exhibition has sat there since 1976. This has been enternally embarrassing for … Continue reading

Inclusive ideas for interpretation

I’m about to launch into a new project, researching the history of the Department of Native Affairs (as it was known then) when it was accommodated in the government offices building at 57 Murray Street. This is a huge, complex and delicate piece of research. The period I’m concentrating on is during the “heyday” of … Continue reading

ReViewing History – Day Two

Yesterday was day two and we all met at Notre Dame University in Fremantle for the day. Finally a beautiful sunny, warmer day – much better for Fremantle visiting than previous days. I skipped the first keynote in order to catch up on sleep (it wasn’t my area anyway) and headed in at 11am to … Continue reading

History in the Pub

An historic pub, open fires, beer and a lecture on settlement society from a eminent Historian. A lovely way to spend a Sunday. Today my mum, aunt and I went along to the Albion Hotel in Cottesloe to listen to James Belich give a talk based on his new book Replenishing the Earth. The Settler Revolution … Continue reading

New projects, new ideas

I’m just about to start a few projects and although I thought I’d wait until I had something interesting to say about them, I am also aware that I want to keep updating this blog. The projects I’m working on take up so much of my brain space – mostly because I let them: so … Continue reading

Rare 1802 Map of Sydney

I first learnt I loved history enough to want to be an Historian in Sydney. It is a funny city – when you are in it it *is* Australia – it is big enough and mean enough to completely eclipse the rest of the country. So the history I learnt there was very Sydney-centric, very … Continue reading