57 Murray Street

I finished off this project late last year and really had to take a break from it before I could think about writing a post about it. I have talked about this work here so I won’t rehash. The National Trust now have the final report in their hands and I’m told it will be … Continue reading

57 Murray Street – work in progress

I’m currently working hard on the history of the departments that governed Aboriginal people in WA from 57 Murray Street. This, you probably don’t remember, is my placement project for a uni subject. I’m finding this research really fascinating and horrific. I thought I might share a little bit of what I’ve found. It isn’t finished … Continue reading

Inclusive ideas for interpretation

I’m about to launch into a new project, researching the history of the Department of Native Affairs (as it was known then) when it was accommodated in the government offices building at 57 Murray Street. This is a huge, complex and delicate piece of research. The period I’m concentrating on is during the “heyday” of … Continue reading