Samples of Work

I provide historical research and heritage services in Western Australia. Usually I am working to specific document templates developed by the Heritage Council of WA and the work samples I can provide reflect this. The samples are as I submitted them to my clients and may have been edited subsequently.

These samples should not be used as reference material – please access the complete published report, usually available from the Heritage Council or Battye Library. If you would like further information about the topics of the samples, please contact me – jen r griffiths at gmail dot com to discuss.

Please remember this samples are provided under copyright and should not be used without acknowledgement.

If you would like to engage my services, please email me at jen r griffiths at gmail dot com.

Thanks for your interest!

Sample One – Specific sections of a Conservation Plan (please email a request to view)

Sample Two – Specific sections of a Heritage Assessment (please email a request to view)

***more soon***

Below is my proposal for a short dissertation I am writing on the representation of women in Municipal Inventories. This has been accepted and I’m in the throws of research.

Proposal – Jen Griffiths


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