France’s Monuments in Film

When we went to visit the la Conciergerie I came across the best temporary exhibition I’ve seen so far: Monuments, Stars du 7E Art (Monuments, the stars of the 7th art – ie, film). The look and feel of the exhibition, the reach and breadth of the information and the way the space (a huge cavernous ancient space) was used was impressive. The exhibition traces the use of France’s monuments – castles, churches, gardens, palaces etc – in film from the beginning of film. The exhibition is set up like a film set – everything in crates and boxes, fantastic lighting and sets, costumes and props as well as directors’ notes and set designers’ plans. There were also two very cool sets using green screens that you could get into and see yourself on film. My mum took a video of me in a car travelling through Paris – very cool! Take a look at the exhibition:

The building is most famous because Marie Antoinette was held here before her beheading. After this fantastic exhibition we went straight to cheesy with the presentation of the cells:

Hopefully this part of the museum is up for treatment by the same people next!


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