Paris: a change of pace

This week I’m off to Paris and London for a long-overdue work/pleasure trip. (can one seriously go to Paris and say it is pure work?!). The pleasure part is travelling with family (my mum and youngest brother, who lives in London) and the work part is where I get to go to museums! As @wraggle pointed out on Twitter: it is hard to feel sorry for me!

I’m interested in going to as many small to medium sized museums and galleries as possible and testing out the various apps for the big guys too. My aim is to come back with a load of knowledge and experience in what is happening in those amazing cities and to begin thinking about how these things can be applied to little old Perth (and Australia more generally).

The apps I’ve already collected are:

The Louvre and Louvre Top 100

The Book of the Dead app for the exhibition at the British Museum

An app that lets you do cool things with the ceiling of the Great Court at the British Museum but which I’m hoping to work out when I get there!

The Museum of London Street Museum app

The National Gallery app

Tate Trumps

The Muybridgizer app (lets you take photos inspired by the works of Eadweard Muybridge!)

National Portrait Gallery app

The Fraenkel Gallery app

The Miroslaw Balka ‘How it is’ app for the exhibition at Tate

The British Library Treasures app

And I’ve become addicted to an app of Renoir and Monet puzzles – that should keep me going on the plane!

Any I’ve missed? Any hot tips or must dos?

I’ll still be updating the blog, hopefully still on Tuesdays and Fridays.



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