The beginning

I suppose, like all things, it has to start somewhere. When I was doing some research for various buildings in Kalgoorlie-Boulder recently I came across this little article. It is clear that while this first sighted (and killed) rabbit was not a welcome moment, I detect a hint of amusement by the paper of the events. Perhaps it is the very English scene of a boy’s dog catching a rabbit while on a walk? If I didn’t know what a Kalgoorlie cemetery looked like, I could be forgiven for imagining a lush English countryside.

Perhaps most intriguing is that it was reported to the police. I guess they sent out their crack Rabbit Squad to deal with the problem before it got out of hand. Oh, wait…

PS. The main image is naughtily taken from SLWA – ‘After the rabbit drive – Latham: 007243d’ Sorry!

2 Responses to “The beginning”
  1. geniaus says:

    Enjoyed your post.
    News from my house this morning is that the rabbits have attacked some new fruit trees – Mr Geniaus has not yet protected them with wire.
    We need the Rabbit Squad at our hous!

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