YouTube Channels

I follow with interest how galleries, museums, libraries and archives use video to promote and spread their content and events. The State Library of Victoria has its own YouTube channel that it has been using fairly regularly for about three years. It is interesting to see how leaders in the online world, such as SLVIC, are developing an understanding of what something like a YouTube channel is for by actually using one.

When you go to the channel you can see the list of videos they have uploaded (27 in all) and when they were uploaded.

Many of the videos are of author readings and lectures held at the library. While these are perhaps not that interesting to browse, they provide a lovely resource for those looking for specific content or information. I think they are important videos to have, even though often organisations view them as ‘standard’ or ‘boring’, not engaging enough, not viewed enough etc. etc. What else is a video for if not to provide access to a moment in time to a wider range of people than can share that moment in time when it happens.

There is one standout video on the channel, though. This really spiffy video was made to advertise their shopping exhibition last year and I love it. I assume it was aired somewhere other than YouTube (TV maybe? Not living in Victoria anymore I wouldn’t have seen it). It is a great way to capture attention but also continue to develop the brand of SLVIC as relevant and contemporary.

I also think this video is worth checking out too as it is a nice little reminder of what the library is for, who it is for, what it does and why. All in 1 and a half minutes.

A good reminder that a library is free for people to make what they like. Especially after yesterday, when, while joining a local library near here I found out that their internet computers don’t allow typing. Yes, you read that correctly. They are only for information. And of course we all know that there is no information where there is typing allowed! Email, FB, chat (along with commenting, tagging, curating, creating, connecting) are only for those who can pay to use the single computer that allows typing. Sometimes I think we’ve come so far, sometimes I just despair.


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