New projects for a new year

When I left high school teaching in 2009 and wanted to create – rather than get – the job I really wanted, it was nigh-impossible to find information about how to go about it. Even if I’d wanted to spend hundreds of US dollars on business consultancy advice, guidance and motivation over the internet, I didn’t have the money, nor did anyone have the expertise in the field of history/museums/technology/etc that I wanted to focus on. I realised pretty quickly that I was going to have to figure it out by trail and error. Fairly soon after that I also realised that this is probably the best way to do it.

This year I have made some mistakes and I’ve learned A LOT. I’ve had to be really firm about getting paid and negotiate away from what I considered was my bottom line to get work. Almost everything I’ve done has, however, reaped benefits beyond what I imagined they would. The thing I’m most proud of is that – for the most part – I didn’t let the fear of putting myself out there get the better of me. I think this has been the truest lesson I’ve learned. I have also managed to maintain the integrity I believe is important – always doing the honourable thing but not being a doormat!

Now, as Christmas approaches and a whole new year just around the corner, I’m finding that the work I put in during the year to meet people, tell them what I can do, provide information, speak to groups, travel to conferences and generally get out there (which, regardless how how it might seem has been VERY difficult for a social introvert like me) is starting to develop into actual projects; the kind that get me excited in my belly. While I can’t tell you specifics on the blog just yet, believe me, if you were sitting over a cafe table with me I would LOVE to tell you all about it! Suffice to say that my new year is rapidly being booked up with workshops, projects, plans and new experiences.  I can’t wait to get stuck into them all!

I know the blog has been a little neglected of late – I’ve been busy with developing these projects, getting ready for a new semester of uni teaching and visiting friends – it will probably be only sporadically updated thought the next two weeks as I try to spend proper time with friends and family and stop working so hard everyday but I hope you’ll be too busy doing the same that you won’t notice!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who comes by the blog to read. I really love writing for it and am looking forward to a new year of blog posts already!

I took this photo a few years ago in Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne – I love the way the people meditating are protected by this grand tree.



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