A little light relief

When in doubt, do a website round-up is fast becoming my blogging motto. Today it solves two issues, one, getting a blog post done (after wimping out yesterday) and two, dealing with the 40+ tabs open on my browser with things to read. Most have been tweeted by those I follow, so although I may not have fully vetted them, I’m trusting the lovely folks on my twitter feed.

A new digital presence: Smithsonian Commons is an almost 50min long video(!). I’m very interested in listening but…well, 50mins!!

Wellcome Collection: Things Exhibition is sort of, kind of sideways to what I’ve been thinking about. In fact it has helped me develop my ideas a bit more. I like it to an extent, but I have questions and issues. Check it out.

New National Museum of Australia, Canberra website is open and up.

A little video about NLA and Flickr. Well worth watching.

If I’ve understood this correctly, it is very good news. Government 2.0 and IP.

Regan Forrest is doing a great job writing up her notes from MA 2010 conference.

Can someone organise for me to go to this? Please? Digital Memories Conference.

Lynda Kelly’s quick notes from Stephen Heppell’s presentations. No1 and No2.

And, lastly, check this out. No really, click this one. THIS is what I love about ‘new media’, ‘sharing’, ‘technology’ etc, etc. I’ve contacted this woman and she doesn’t have to do this, but she has. She has spent HOURS scanning and uploading. So she can share. I think it is wonderful. I keep this tab open all the time just to remind myself how great this can be. A wonderful collection of photographs.


I’m trying to have a day off today – my first since I before I left for Melbourne. I really should try to stop working this hard. Pity that I love what I do!

The image? That’s the NGV. I took this while waiting to go into European Masters. Got some exhibition reviews coming up soon.


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