A conference, a paradigm shift, a whole lot of new ideas

I know paradigm shifts are the ‘in thing’ at the moment, if one takes their cues from parliament, that is. I didn’t really have a moment at the Museums Australia 2010 Conference that physically moved me into a new paradigm so much as I found that I was in the right space to receive the right information that nudged me a little further along on the path I was already travelling.

And, considering that I received bursaries to travel to Melbourne and attend the conference, I feel pretty damn lucky to have had that experience. Some things are just meant to be, perhaps. Maybe, more likely is that we make out of life what we find.

Am I being too esoteric? Sorry, it is just that I really haven’t managed to digest everything that I learnt. I feel excited about the possibilities and ideas I came home with; so excited that I almost can’t do anything about them. Have you ever felt like that? That the world is spread out before you, just waiting for you take it, mould it, change it, use it, embrace it, share it??

However, this is a blog report on the conference, so I’ll stop meandering and tell you what I learnt.

First, by golly you better get onto/into social media. And I’m not talking Facebook and Twitter (they are pretty much a given), but you need to have your ear to the …err, computer screen, for the next thing and leap at it. Foursquare, anyone? Twitter made my conference experience incredible, it made me consider my ideas more seriously and I “met” new people (even if I didn’t get a chance to say hi to all of them). Some “famous” people even. Was tres cool.

Throwing together the sessions I attended, I came away with the overriding message that the age of learning, of collaboration, of citizen curators, of crowdsourcing, of THE CLOUD, is here. I’m planning on talking about these things in more depth during the week, so stay tuned.

I think Stephen Heppell’s sessions were the ones that really blew me away. I keep talking about him. I’m calling him Steve now. So much of what he said made sense to me, especially coming from schools were so little made sense.

And I have come home with one idea I want to get off the ground first. I’m calling it the Pop-up Museum. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

3 Responses to “A conference, a paradigm shift, a whole lot of new ideas”
  1. Jane King says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about the Pop-Up Museum!!!!

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