To Melbourne

This building is in Melbourne. It is one of my favourites because it is not one of the flashy Art Deco buildings. It is so unassuming that I always forget what its called and where it is, then I’ll just come across it and it makes me smile. It took this photo of it a few years ago when I lived in country Victoria and was in the city doing something or other. It seems a very Melbourne sort of photo to me.

Which is why it is with this post: I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow to visit friends over the weekend (and watch some footy!!) and then the national Museums Australia conference starts next week. I’ve been lucky enough to receive bursaries from two different organisations to cover my flights and conference cost, so I feel very privileged to be going.

Plus, I have organised to see a few exhibitions – Titanic, European Masters and the Tim Burton exhibition – and I’m sure I’ll get to a few others too.

The blog schedule will (hopefully) continue next week – I’ll have lots to say, no doubt, so stay tuned!

Today, however, I have a very pressing deadline and must get back to the Manning family (whom, I am discovering, are one of those ‘weird’ very rich families).


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