History Sites Roundup

In my travels around the history web, I end up in all sorts of amazing places and discover all sorts of really cool things people are doing around history and technology. Here are some recent finds:

At the recent MAWA 2010 conference I heard the very knowledgeable archivists people, Lise Summers and Meg Travers talk about using open source software for collection databases. I somehow stumbled onto Omeka, which seems pretty cool. I particularly like that it also allows you to get your collection on the web.


Here are two examples of Omeka sites, that are also pretty cool in their own right too.



This site I came across in the process of research for my dissertation. How I think heritage listing should be done.


When I get a moment I will explore this site more, but what’s not to love about a Centre for History and New Media??


Now, this is REALLY cool. It took me a while to work out how this worked, but I’m liking it. Could totally get lost for HOURS here. Would love to see this sort of stuff more.


Loving the way Te Papa has thought about their topics for their online collection. This one is ‘Everyday reminders of World War I’ – fascinating.


Had to put this one in to finish! Just because I was in this area recently and have been thinking about ‘the fields’.


That’s a lot of links! Hope everyone has fun chasing up just a few of them.

And my image? That is the line to get into the WA Museum last weekend!


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