Digital Story: Mollie Coates Mapleson

This is Mollie Coates Mapleson when she was 16. She is my great grandmother and the subject of my latest digital story. I wanted to see if family history could translate into the digital story format. I was concerned that it can be so intricate and heavy on detail and names and who did this and who went there and their uncle twice removed…y’know. I chose this story to focus on because it is about a single thing – a secret.

Judging by the reactions from family members so far, it touches the heart and manages to explain the story without being too confusing.

Whenever I make a digital story without the help of a collaborative group it suffers from not going through the story circle process. I think this story could have been tighter and clearer and I think I might have just missed the real point, but I’m still happy with it. I’ve also experimented with sound a little bit more using silence, sound effects and music. It layers the story nicely.

View the story here (or click photo) and let me know what you think.

PS. My stats for this blog have been so encouraging so thanks to ALL of you for reading! I’m considering posting more often in the week. Maybe you might consider dropping me a comment sometime??

PPS. At the risk of banging on about this…if you want to make your own digital story go here and join me in October!

One Response to “Digital Story: Mollie Coates Mapleson”
  1. Jen, I just watched this story and it’s fantastic. You absolutely nailed picking just one important story aspect and making that the whole point of it – perfect. Love the music and sound fx, v nicely done. Love your work, Jen!!!

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