Ask a Curator Day!

Tomorrow is the day to Ask a Curator!

Ask who? Curators of museums and art galleries around the world – 21 different countries to be exact with a number of museums from each.

Ask them what? Well, anything it seems, but there are suggestions on the website organised into themes with museum linked to each.

Ask how? Using my new best friend Twitter, actually. Not only is this how I found out about this event, but it is the platform on which it will be run.

Fantastic? Of course it is fantastic! There are some HUGE names in museums involved. Curators are often invisible people in museums, particularly big ones, and they have some incredible skills and knowledge. This is a really exciting opportunity to not only engage with them but for museums to step out into the open a bit and discuss their professional practice.

Of course, events like this only work if people get involved.

I’m off to write some questions and get ready…how about you?


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