Where was I??

Going away for five days, that felt like at least as many weeks, has thrown me a bit. I seem to remember utter focus on what I was doing, what needed to be done and how it was all going to happen before I left. Now? I’m just mooching about on the Internet wondering what to do next.

Kalgoorlie early morning

The conference in Kalgoorlie was well worth it. I met a lot of people who were interested in Digital Storytelling and re-connected with other people I had met before. Put faces to some names too. I have also come back with a series of blog post ideas and thoughts.

WA Museum Kalgoorlie

I wanted to start, however, with a little review of the good and not so good. I do this not to be difficult or nasty but more as feedback and to perhaps open a bit of a discussion of what we want the National Conference to look like next year (!! yes, in Perth!!).

The cricket pitch at old Ora Banda

The good:

The people there – it was intimate, which made getting to talk to everyone easy and everyone I talked to was excited to be there, there was a great vibe and a sense that we were all there to share and enjoy.

Kalgoorlie – the town’s history smacked me in the face every moment, from my old hotel room to the ceiling in the meeting rooms in the Town Hall, to the tours. I think delegates were treated to a special ‘insiders’ viewing of the history in the town by the National Trust and the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society, not to mention the Kalgoorlie Museum.

The opportunity to be involved – so thankful for that as I had an amazing experience and response to my workshop.

Alec Coles’ speech – really inspiring and exciting (within the context of the situation at WA Museum) but also just lovely to hear from someone so passionate about museums.

The Ora Banda tour I went on – partly this was personal because I just loved being out in the landscape around Kal but also Scott Wilson, President of the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society, was an incredible guide.

Anne Brake’s presentation about the Curtin Family House – really exciting ideas about interpretation and what is possible and doable, even in an organisation like the National Trust.

The whole ‘Significant objects and sites’ session on Friday – fascinating information really well presented by Stephen Anstey, Elizabeth Hof and Kate Gregory.

Meg Travers’ session on social media in particular – re-engaging and exciting me with how to use social media in my business.

Gnamma Hole near Ora Banda

The not-so-good:

I loved being in the beautiful Town Hall but it was FREEZING.

No internet connection available at the conference.

A disappointing lack of engagement from the audiences and I include myself in this.

Ora Banda Pub

Not so many bad things then, but they were evident every day during the conference so perhaps seemed worse than they were.

I guess, then, the overall verdict was a fairly resounding success.

Normal programming will resume tomorrow!


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