Weekend is for….

Well, this weekend it is for marking. I’ve been given a stack of uni assignments to mark so, as I do my best marking in bed, that’s were I’m headed after I’ve finished this. I thought it was typical that in my last post I point out that I post on Fridays and then I didn’t. Never mind. I was busy working.

I finished off my part of a conservation plan for a fire station. This is the building that has been very difficult to research – almost no information to be found. In the end I’ve managed to pull together a reasonable amount of history by gathering up tiny scraps from here and there but it has been like herding feathers. Often when a little piece of information seemed so interesting and relevant in the archives or library, it turned into mundane, plodding history in the writing. That’s the way it goes, I suppose.

Next on the agenda is work on an exhibition and then I really need to finalise my presentation for the Museums Australia (WA) conference which is in less than two weeks. I’m really looking forward to being in Kalgoorlie with my mum, presenting, listening to papers and meeting people.

Oh, and I have to do my tax. Blegh.

One Response to “Weekend is for….”
  1. rob says:

    Thanks Jen for an insight into what you get up to.
    Had a look at all this today
    You are wonderful
    love dad

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