New page added!

I skipped my scheduled post yesterday (did you know I aim to post on Tuesdays and Fridays?) because I was working on a new page for this blog. It is titled ‘For museums and libraries’ and is all about how digital stories can be used in those kinds of local institutions. Check it out if you like, the link is just over on the right –>

I’m loving this map at the moment, which will hopefully make it into an exhibition I’m working on:

It is a very early map of the town of Perth – complete with all the lakes named and marked that are now completely filled in and built over. See that bit in the middle? A lake called Lake Kingsford? It is surrounded by blocks. That’s the train station now. I really love thinking about the layers of history there and how that one little spot has changed so dramatically in 190 years or so. (To see this clearly, click on the image for a bigger version and then click to zoom)

You can find it at the State Records Office – search for ‘Perth township map’.


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