National Family History Week

Next week is National Family History Week – if you didn’t know already, family history is H-U-G-E in Australia. The success of Who Do You Think You Are? has popularised it, but it has always been a big deal. I tend to think that, although genealogists are ridiculed by “serious historians”, the discipline has some spectacular skills (which are just starting to be recognised by the academy) and that it was they who made researching and understanding convicts an acceptable thing to do in Australia (it was a hidden history for quite a while, even as spectacular as burning records). I’m quite happy to be wrong that they came to it first, but they have certainly made convicts a desired family ancestor.

Anyway, the State Library of WA has a week-long program of events – workshops and lectures on getting started with family history. I’ll be going to some to catch up on using and understanding some records I’m not familiar with and am looking forward to it. Go here for all the details.

In other news, I’m super busy. One new project approved yesterday, one to be started later this week and another immeniently about to be approved. I am building my professional profile on being efficient and responsive to my clients needs. There will be a few late nights in the next few weeks, I think.


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