ReViewing History – Day Four

The final day of the conference dawned cold and rainy – a grateful break of the ‘dry spell’ we’ve been having (in the middle of winter). Just two sessions to go to today, each with three papers. Across the two sessions I heard papers on the town planning, building and archeology of Perth (all fascinating) and papers on material culture – one fantastic one on the items found in a suburban back yard – a really rich source of objects from which new understandings of history could be taken. I’m more and more thinking about the histories of backyards…this gave me even more to think about.

So that was conference for 2010. I really was lucky that it was held in Perth this year as I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise. Next year it will be in Tasmania and if it works out, it would be great to go again.

In summing up, I’d have to say that this conference has helped me to feel that I fit somewhere in this profession and that my ideas, techniques and interests are not only shared, but validated and supported by the leaders in my field. The conference really reminded me of the ways the scholarship of history are approached, debated and used and meeting all those people gave me confidence that I will be able to make a living doing this work I love so much.


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