Flirting with Change

When I moved back to Perth after many years over east (as we say here – meaning the eastern states) I decided that I would not pack up and move again for a while. I wanted to sit and become comfortable in this place and develop my profile and work opportunities. Not to mention that I have a GradDip to finish that requires me to be here. I’m also really enjoying having my family around for love and support and to help me look after my dog when I have things on or need to go away (always a difficult thing when your dog likes only a very select range of people in your life!). I do have a tendency to move a lot and change things up. This time I wanted to just make peace with my choice.

Then I got an email.

I’m not going anywhere, I’ve decided. But it was a bit exciting last night flirting with the idea of going to Broome to work as a Collections Officer for the Sisters of St John of God archives centre. It would be a great job – thoroughly rewarding, great experience, great money, interesting work. Broome, however, is a long way. More than 2000kms from here. More than 2 hrs on a plane. Rentals are at least double for equitable houses in Perth. No family, no dog sitters. Small town.

So, I’m not going, but boy it would be a perfect opportunity for someone less settled into their current life (which is why they may have trouble finding someone). I wish them luck and will only be a little bit jealous of whoever ends up in the role.

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