New projects, new ideas

I’m just about to start a few projects and although I thought I’d wait until I had something interesting to say about them, I am also aware that I want to keep updating this blog. The projects I’m working on take up so much of my brain space – mostly because I let them: so fascinating and exciting to be researching for a purpose. It think this is why I struggle to update here in some weird illogical way.

The first is for the National Trust (WA) as part of my placement subject at uni. I’m researching a building in the city that seemed to have been a generic government office. It housed a really, really wide range of departments from the early 1900s until the early 1990s including departments that dealt with Indigenous people, health, fish, sanitation, “clean air and noise abatement” and other such things. It really is fascinating to think of all the decisions made in that building, or at least implemented there, that impacted so significantly on people’s lives, not to mention helped to make the (mostly) clean, (mostly) organised city we have today.

The building’s history is actually a huge project – far more than I could do in my 20 days – so we’ve agreed that I’ll concentrate on filling the major gap in the current chronology from the conservation plan, which is the history of the department called ‘The Fishers and Aborigines Department’, ‘The Department of Native Affairs’ during its time in this building but is now known as the DIA (Department of Indigenous Affairs). I approach this with equal parts of fascination and trepidation and am really determined to do a good job.

The next building I’m working on is an old school that has also been used for a variety of purposes over the years. This research is for the documentary evidence for a conservation plan – much more straight forward and less opportunity for interesting tangents, although my client has given me some free rein to find some interesting social history stories.

So, today will be doing a bit of groundwork to prepare for this research – working out where documents are, reading what I have already, initial TROVE searches and Battye searches. I also have lunch with my ex-boss which shall be lovely.

I’m going to really try hard to take a day off on Sunday. I’m not very good at that, but if I write it here I’ll be accountable to *all my readers*! Ha!

I do have more exciting news to unveil, but I’m not quite ready yet.


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