History of a House

Today, instead of thinking that I’ll post to this blog when I’ve done something, I thought I’d post about what I’m going to do. This has the bonus effect of actually making me do it too!

One of the services I offer is research into a house’s or building’s history. This is fascinating work and lots of people like to know about the history of their house, but it takes a long time for someone to do the research and they may not have the skills or knowledge to interpret the information they are finding. That’s where I arrive full of positivity and excitement of what could be found (and there is always something interesting to be found).

Today, I’m off to the State Records Office and, if I get there, the local history collection, to do some research on our house to use as an example of the kind of report I can produce for others. I’ll be looking initially at sewerage plans and the post office directory (the 1897 one pictured is too early for my property so I’ll be checking from about 1920 or so) and at the local history collection I’ll check out the rate books.

I used to do this work in Sydney and got to know all the places to ferret around for tibits of information there, Perth is a little different – things were organised differently, so the records are slightly different, but essentially, hopefully(!), I’ll know what to look for. Exciting!


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