One door closes and another opens

The thrill of just leaping out into the void and seeing what happens, following a dream or goal, knowing what you want your life to look like and just making it that way, is thrilling.
Yesterday I finished off my first consultant project. I worked at the tail end of a very large project, bring together everything and handing it over as complete as I could make it. I even, in the stresses of the last minutes, started delegating work to the people who’d employed me! Oopsie. They didn’t seem to mind though and I brought home made jam cookies to soften them up. 🙂 It was a fascinating project, lots of itty bitty research to do and I now know almost the entire history of a random small town in WA. Just the sort of thing I love taking space up in my brain.
It is a little bit annoying not being able to talk about what I did, but it doesn’t matter too much. You just need to know that I throughly enjoyed it and my business earned some money. Win-win!
WA has just published its first Historical Encyclopedia (well, a proper one anyway) and I bought my copy today. Apparently they are a bit hard to get a hold of (who knew there were so many history geeks in Perth!), but I managed to waltz into a little independent bookshop and buy mine with a business cheque. Hooray! Now it is sitting on my bed, tempting me with its secrets and you’d better believe I’ll be reading it cover to cover. Oh, I know, so sad!
The open door then, is a pretty exciting opportunity that I’ve put my hand up for. Again, I’m not going to tell you much but hopefully I will be able to say more after Tuesday. I don’t want to jinx it! It involves a little museum and a fabulous chance at some real experience. More next week.
And now, well…I might just take it easy and do a bit of pottering around. Hopefully manage to drown out the sound of Red Bull Air Race planes that are currently buzzing the city. Did you hear one crashed into the river yesterday? I find that unsurprising.

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