Stick Shed

This is the last remaining stick shed in Murtoa, Victoria (actually exactly in between Melbourne and Adelaide on the train line that runs between them). It was built after World War Two to store the wheat that was in oversupply at the time. This shed is HUGE. It is 900ft long and 200ft high and is constructed with 560 unmilled mountain ash poles that were cut from the forest for the building.

There are currently (and continuing) arguments about how safe this building is, how much repair can be done, whether it should be kept and, typically, the safety of the children in the two schools that are just near there. I think this is a good thing as we can only see value in heritage when we actually get involved in the conversation about it. I’m not, despite being one, always on the side of heritage professionals and like to make a judgement based on the information. I also like to see heritage buildings that have current and ongoing use – not just shells of what they were, which is often so unrepresentative of the history that made the building important in the first place.
You can find more information out about the Stick Shed at this website and listen to a radio segment from Radio National’s Bush Telegraph show here.

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